Snow, snow, snow

Holy Snow! It's been snowing for like an entire straight day!! Since I used to live about 4 hours south of my current town.. I am certainly not used to this kind of snow. And neither is my car. My dad asked me to drive my brother up to the video rental store (as he has a snow day.. I remember I used to LOVE those as a kid!!).. and I abruptly declined! I don't trust myself to drive in the snow. I've never been in an accident.. but my closest encounters have always been in the black ice filled, snow drifting weather.

And, quite frankly, this is the worst time to start my accident streak.. so I'm avoiding driving in the snow. This unfort. means I will be holed up in this house for even longer. I really NEED to get a move on adjusting to this move.. opening a new bank account.. finding a gym (I'm pretty sure I'll use the Y that is in our little gated community for its convenience).. getting back in touch with my doctor.. Oh well.. this is a good excuse to relax and destress.. I will probably be using our jet tub very frequently for the next couple days.

One of the advantages of being at home is the home gym my parents have. This makes it convenient to go downstairs and work out.. and it also makes me feel really guilty when I don't. This mixed with my DVR player downstairs makes working out much more fun and easy. And today I finally got my butt back into routine! Yayyy me!

Well, I am off to finish organizing my stuff. Good luck to all of you out there in blogland!


ShellSpann said...

We keep hearing we're going to get hit with a shit ton of snow. NOTHING yet. Just a few flurries. Thank GOD. I'm used to it during winter....but I hate it!

BB said...

Ugh, I hate it too!! I spend the whole winter wishing I was somewhere warm. And if I never saw snow again, I wouldn't miss it!

Kristin said...

I sure wouldn't mind having a home gym right about now!

BB said...

LOL.. well home gym to an extent. The equipment is pretty old.. well fairly old.. but it IS really nice to have. I'd say my favorite is the punching bag! I love to beat the heck out of that thing after a bad day.