the unluckiest job search EVER

I AM SO SICK OF SEARCHING FOR JOBS!!!!! (sorry for the lengthy post.. I have a years worth of job hunting to complain about)

Seriously, I have been looking (very actively) for a full time job for a year now. At first I started my search by looking at jobs all around the US that interested me. The problem there was that the people hiring wanted to hire those who are already in the area. I had someone call me back for a job interview and asked if I could come in the following day. I told her that I was from out of state but that I would be glad to have a phone interview. She flatly said no because they were looking for locals. Even though my resume and cover letter clearly stated my address...

Ugh. So then I started looking local. The town I am in/am moving out of this weekend is a bit small. But I tried my best. I signed up with a temp agency who set me up on a job interview. The first time I went to the interview I waited forty five minutes because she forgot she had an interview and was out of the office. When I came back for a second interview she said she'd have her decision soon and would contact me. The entire time I had been talking with the temp agency to let them know what was going on. After about three weeks, when nobody contacted me I called the temp agency.

Their response? They had deactivated me from the service because I didn't return phone calls within twenty four hours. This lady was full on yelling at me about how they couldn't accommodate people who weren't willing to try. I responded back to her that the only time I didn't call back the next day was when I was on vacation in Jamaica for two weeks. I also let them know I would be on vacation and would not be available.. but they called anyway. She continued to make excuses until I pointed out the purpose of my call. I told her that actually I was calling because I had gone on a job interview and nobody from the agency had called to let me know the decision .. as was promised to me. All she could say was "oh." And you could tell she felt like a jackass.. and rightly so.

I then went on an interview that I got for myself. It was an investigative company. They were hiring for the town next to mine and it all seemed perfect. The morning of my second interview I received an email telling me that the position had been closed and they were no longer interviewing. OK. Does this mean I do not show up!?!? So I frantically called the interviewer and he said to disregard it and come in anyway.

Turns out they filled it internally but if I was interested in any of the other locations to let him know. Again, he'd let me know in a couple days. That day I emailed him to let him know I'd be interested in any location that they had open. Two weeks later I emailed him again.. all to no avail. Then I emailed my recruiter.. who informed me that I needed to reapply to the other locations online in order to be considered and that they really encouraged me to do this. Ok so four weeks later and there were only about half as many locations left to choose from. I picked a few and applied. The response? An email telling me I had to wait six months to reapply for a position. OMFG. I was done with them.

My next fun interview was all the way up in my hometown..

disclaimer: I was actually home for two weeks on vacation looking for jobs and got two job interviews. Because it is a bigger town with more opportunities I am moving home next week to continue my job search.

This interview went very well. I loved the company and the people I interviewed with. The second interview came and I had to make the four hour drive because I am not yet moved home. All went well. My references were solid. My typing score was "fantastic" and not to mention the email I got that said my "positive energy was almost contagious". Then I got the thanks but no thanks email. It only made it that much worse because he told me how perfect everything I did was.. BUT they had to hire someone who had previously worked with the company. Seriously? Why even bother holding interviews.

Then I apply for the county of my hometown. A successful interview. My cousin actually works in the office and got her boss to interview me and I was able to bypass HR.. which was nice. I waited and waited for him to contact me. He only interviewed three people so I was hoping my chances were pretty good. Well, again with the no contact..

So I've had enough of this and I call him. Basically I say I just want to know where you are in the process and if you are still considering me for a position. He calls back literally milliseconds later. So quickly I thought it was his voicemail calling back. Anyway, he says they had to move people around internally.. so it's taking longer. Ok. So I ask him if I'm still being considered and he says yes. Here's my concern.. why are you still considering people after two weeks. Shouldn't you at least offer a person a position in the office and let them know it will be a while till they decide WHERE to place you?!?! Well, he said he would contact me in another one or two weeks. Well this is the end of week one... and I'm still not sure if his telling me that I am "not off the table" means that he just needs to decide where to place me or he is still trying to choose between the three of us.

Meanwhile, my mom has worked at a company for almost thirty years. I have been applying at this company like crazy. I even got a first interview once. Then they canceled the position. Why would you advertise for.. and interview for.. a position that you are going to cancel? Well, today I sent the exact same resume/cover letter to the company for a very similar job as the one I got a first interview for.. and I didn't even get passed HR. There is something very shotty about HR. Your fate is entirely in the hands of chance. Whoever happens to get your resume/cover letter.. everyone's likes and dislikes are so different that everyone's picks would be different too.

Well, that is where I stand as of today. I am still waiting to hear back about the county job. I really want that one because.. although it's entry level.. I have the education and experience where I could prove myself a hard worker and climb my way up in the company. Plus it's a union job so the 401(k) and other benefits are outstanding. But I am so sick of the horro stories of job searching. I have had the absolute worst luck. But here's to hoping.


Bitch, Bitch, Bitch (Amanda Mac) said...

This blog is great I am all for rants.
I too have been looking for jobs over the last year and a half, right now I am a nanny but I have a degree in television broadcasting. I HATE when people give you tons of positive feedback and then BAM no call. what was that? were they just trying to let me down easily because if so they got it backwards be a dick so at least i don't wait for a call.

good luck!

purplegirl said...

I don't have much to say about the job search ... okay I haven't read the post yet .... but I love that picture of Carrie and Big. "I don't need glasses, I have yours."

BB said...

Amanda- You are so right that's exactly how I feel!! I'd rather know where I stand than for them to bullshit me. I just end up getting my hopes up and then it just sucks. I was a journalism major so that's a bit similar. It's a tough market out there.. I'll need all the luck I can get! Thanks for reading

Purplegirl- LOL. I love the picture too .. it just sort of fit with my mood.