so far so bad

Well, so far so bad. I've only really done one thing I said I was going to.. and that is get a haircut.. and really that didn't take a whole lot of effort on my part.

In my defense (or my self-rationalization), I have been sick and I have been unpacking.

To address the first complaint.. I have been sick for what seems like months! In April I went to Jamaica with my family. Woohoo! Tons of fun! And then on the last day of vaca I got sick.. big. freaking. surprise. I pretty much always get sick at the worst possible times. (i.e. the last three Halloweens and last new years eve oh and my 21st birthday). Anyway, I got pneumonia. And then I got better. Then I got pneumonia again. And then I got better. And then I got bronchitis. And then I got better. And you're getting the pattern. So right now I'm in between starting to feel better and not fully better.

My doctor actually told me the last time I visited her that she has never seen a young girl with such a bad immune system. SUPER.

To address the second complaint.. I hate unpacking.. but I think it has less to do with unpacking and more to do with the fact that I moved at all. I sincerely wanted to try to make it work in my previous town. I'd resided there for six years.. throughout college and after. Now I've moved five hours away.. and back in with my parents.. which are both big changes. First I lost my friends and my job (part time job) and secondly I've lost my Independence. But I need to keep telling myself that there are more job opportunities here. That is why I moved, after all. I gave myself one year to find a full time job in the area while I kept my part time job.. and that expired on Thanksgiving. I just couldn't keep dragging my feet. I have loans to pay back.

So I think I need just a bit of time to adjust to my new life and stop feeling sick. I also am waiting on the job hunting because I am waiting to hear back from the last interview I had. I really want the job because it would give me a solid future.. and because I'm SICK of job searching. But they had someone suddenly ask to be moved down from a management position so they have to deal with that first. So I could be waiting a while. I'm supposed to hear back this week.

Anyway, I promise to stop slacking and get moving towards my goals.


ShellSpann said...

Feel better! And keep your chin up!


BB said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I am feeling much more motivated today!!

Chris said...


Better to get the job you really want than settle for something just because its there, I say hang in there and give yourself a chance.



BB said...

Hey Chris, thanks for following my blog and for the words of wisdom! I'm going to keep chugging along until I find what I'm looking for. I think I've been waitinf for so long because I want this perfect job to come along .. but I dunno with this economy it's tough.