My journey begins

Well this is day one of my journey out of my accidental rut.

Why I started this blog?:

I was honestly tredging through life at a normal pace.. when I realized I would be 30soon with nothing to show and no stories to tell. Who has a rut in their 20's? I mean the 20's are for really living.. limited responsibilities.. a time when you can still go crawling back to your parents when you're in a jam and it's still socially acceptable (arguably). I need to take full advantage.. NOW! So I'm forcing myself out of this accidental rut starting today.

First things first.. how did I get HERE?:

I ended up in this dreary state of singlehood after a miserable/long friendship/relationship with my college "boyfriend". The entire time we both understood that it would not last outside of college. And in an attempt to save our friendship decided not to become serious. Instead we became best friends.. and that instantly made our relationship more serious than ever before.

In college boy's quest for normalcy he met his dream girl and they floated off into the sunset together. Meanwhile, he was instructed he could no longer be my friend. So now I'm stuck with no friend and no boyfriend, which defeated the entire process of not getting serious, but I digress. I point to this life event as my downward spiral into my afraid to take chances lifestyle.

Fast forward to two years later where I'm still in my college town working at the local college bar. Hence my other blog tipsfrombb.blogspot.com where I discuss the awful customers and the borderline abuse they make me deal with.

Today I woke up and while I was taking a shower (I always have good ideas in the shower) I thought: I'm 24.. this should be the height of my life. I should not be hiding away in the depths of my book collection or behind my computer screen. I should find a way to end this drought and live my life the way I was supposed to.. with a cocktail in the air and a couple of great friends at my side.. while scoping out the men. And, I should blog about it.

This blog will be about my journey throughout my twenties including my love life (or my accidental abstinence), my hunt for a job, my need for financial independence.. and anything else I find myself facing a long the way.

What am I going to do about it?:

I've decided step one is to take care of myself. I need to love myself before I can love others, right? Well, tomorrow I'm getting a haircut.. so that my once long (but shiny) hair is manageable. Then I'm going to start exercising more just so I feel more fit. I also need to quit smoking but one habit at time people! Once I feel better about myself I know my confidence will draw the attention of men. (See, I'm already starting... I said "know" instead of "hope").

Step two will be finding a job. I've decided I have enough free time and will power to deal with both step one and step two at the same time. Baby steps..

Alright people. On I go. Conquering the world. Wish me luck.


ShellSpann said...

You can do this!! *HUGS*


Kristin said...

Hey you. You remind me of younger Kristin. Five years ago I was a college graduate, cocktailing at a bar and living with my high school/college boyfriend in Houston. One day I woke up, decided I wasn't happy and made plans to leave. I went and stayed with my bestie in DC for a few weeks to clear my head and then decided to move back to my home town of Tampa. I signed up with a temp agency and landed a job at a law firm. Ten months after that I was engaged to the hubs who I met at the firm. We have now been married 2.5 years and have a 17 month bambino. I will forever be grateful that I stepped out of my rut. You can do it too lady!

BB said...

Thanks for the motivation! I'm excited to makes changes in my life and excited to blog about them!

Kristin-- Thanks for sharing your story, it seems familiar to my own. I hope that I too have successes during this change in my life. Here's to hoping!

chopandcut said...

Ive enjoyed reading your Bar Tending blog and strangly Ive started a blog for similar reasons to your new one here, I wish you luck and if you get a mo please check out my blog, its still a baby but I hope it will grow!