updates: phone calls, gym meberships, and haircuts

So, I took the advice from you guys, and I gave him a call. Thanks for the comments on that. It actually did a whole lotta nothing. He basically gave me the same shpeel:

Me: Hi Takesforever, this is BB, I interviewed a few weeks back and I was just calling to see where things were at in the hiring process.

Takesforever: Right, oh hi there BB. I'm still trying to focus on filling the supervisor position. I have to make sure to get that done first. I still have the applications on my desk right here. I will get to it after this position is filled.

Me: Ok.

[Arg. Very frustrated at this point ... as it's been a month since my interview. And there were only three other people who were interviewed for the position. It's not that hard to make a decision about three people. I don't even bother asking for a time frame this time, as time means nothing to this man. I'd like to point out, though, that he is really nice.. and the position is really great. I'm just confused/frustrated at how long it is taking to make a freaking decision.]

Takesforever: Well, alright then. I'll be talking to you soon.

[yeahhhh righttttt.]

So speaking of annoying phone conversations. I've had a really great one this past week when dealing with the gym membership people.

So I walk into the rinkydink gym and sign up for a membership (a small YMCA for members of our gated community). I ask about the classes and they inform me that the framed schedule that sits on a pole when you walk up to the front desk, is a lie. No, that's right. No classes. And that being the sole reason I sign up for the membership I try backing out. But they tell that the YMCA up the road will let me go to their classes for free since they don't offer any, which is just perfect because the gym up the road has about fifteen more classes than the rinkydink gym I'm signing up at.

So when I get home I call up the Y to register for their classes.

Me: Hi, I'm from rinkydink gym. They've told me that since they don't have classes we are able to take them at your facility.

Idiot: Yupp, that's right.

Me: Ok, can I sign up for the spinning class?

Idiot: Well, no that's members only.

Me: Oh. Well, I was told that for these classes we would be considered members. I don't want to have to pay the non-member fee.

Idiot: Well, that's only for the spinning class. You can take the fitness classes at no charge.

Me: Alright can I do the cardiokickboxing then.

Idiot: Yes, but non-members have to sign up after the 21st.

Me: So, this won't be free either?

Idiot: NO.

Me: So why don't you tell me what you consider fitness classes then?

Idiot: Well, that's a fitness class. I forgot that we can't give you any classes without charge. We stopped doing that.

Me: Well, I'll call rinkydink gym and figure this out. [Thanks for wasting my time].

So now I call rinkydink and give them the story.

Idiot 2: Well, yeah that used to be a policy but not anymore.

Me: Well, I signed up YESTERDAY and I was told about this policy being in place. Since this is the only reason I signed up I'll need to cancel my membership.

So today I went in to cancel and the orginial idiots who told me about the policy were there. I told them what happened. And they called the YMCA and talked to their director. I'm supposed to be getting a phone call about it. That was five hours ago.

On a good note, I got a hair cut and color and I absolutely love it! I needed a new look. My mom told me that I had been wearing the same style for far too long. I usually get it dyed in the winter because my hair lightens a lot in the summer and then grows out in the winter.. and I become two toned. So I got it dyed my original dark color and then put in different shades of carmel. And then she added a bunch of layers to my hair and made it longer in the front than the back. It's so easy to manage and looks flattering on me!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Mom is treating me to a pedi tomorrow, which I'm super excited for because it's at my favorite spa!!

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