Bad luck.

Seriously. My luck is just non-exsistant. Today, on my way home from my fabulous pedicure that my mom treated me to.. I got a flat tire. And I wouldn't even have noticed it had I not thought I turned the wrong way on a street and pulled into a parking lot to turn around.

Then to make matters worse I had to call my mom twenty times before she answered so that she could come pick me up. And finally thirty minutes after I pulled over to find my flat she came to get me. We had to wait another forty minutes for the two truck driver.

Then when he shows up my dad decides to chime in and suggest he put the little spare tire on instead of towing it. But he wanted it done in a special way.. he wanted the spare to go on the back tire and the back tire to move up to the front to replace the flat. Needless to say tow truck driver was NOT happy. He grumbled the whole time he fixed it around. And after what felt like forever I drove home.

On my way home I had to drive under 55 mph, which sucks when you live by roads that go 55-65. So everyone was riding my ass and making me even more angry. Now I have no job and a new tire to pay for. Sweet.

And to top it off, I just had to write this post three time because my computer is messed up and likes to delete everything I've written. It's like a downward spiral. I better go to bed before anything else happens

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