moving on

I want to apologize for the past few weeks as I have been MIA. And I plan on being gone for a few more weeks after this post as well. I haven't been able to read or comment on my favorite blogs in quite some time. But I want to thank those of you who are continuing to comment on the few blogs I have been able to post.

To explain, I have just started a new job and that has taken up quite a bit of time. On top of that my computer broke again so the time I have on the internet is far and few between. What is going to take up my time in the coming weeks is my almost final decision to move in with some co-workers.

I've had to weight heavy options. The bills will be VERY tight, but I want to be living out on my own and with people my own age. It's also with three guys, which will be different since I am a girl and all.

Those are the only two cons. The house is beautiful and it's on the lake. One of the guys owns it so I know it will be kept clean and nice. It's also a good opportunity to meet people and be with people my own age, as I have turned into quite a hermit while living with my parents. Of course I would like to save money, but I think for my own sanity and indpendance I am about to take this leap.

And while it is a big decision, I know that if I don't like the accomodations I can always move back in with my parents. So that is all I have been weighing the last few days. And in attempt to prepare for that move I will not be able to be posting as much.

In good news, I am working on getting a weekend job serving again so soon I will be back in the game and on the blog to vent!

Miss you all :)



Sometimes you've got to let life turn you upside down so you can learn to live right side up- Not easily broken


Super Bowl Sunday!


I'm so glad to be watching the Super Bowl instead of working it!!!!

No watching people ingest large amounts of hot wings and beer.

Nope, today that will be ME!!!

My mom whipped up a fajita meal with some cookies and a salad, and I will be enjoying the Saints from the comfort of my own living room.


first week of work, new segments, and quote

I'm exhausted from my first couple of days at my new job. I'm enjoying it, but I wish that I had a few more responsibilities. I'd say getting started has been a little unorganized. There wasn't any training, it's more like oh you might need to know this, oh and keep this with you...

I think I'll enjoy it more when I know what I'm doing day to day or when the people I'm working for give me more projects to work on.

Basically I am the assistant for four head honchos.. whenever they need something they ask. But right now I've just been doing whatever the other assistant needs me to do until I know enough of the procedures to report right to them.

As much as delivering mail to, organizing files, making copies, and sending emails is interesting.. I hope those aren't my duties for good. I'm hopeful that as the weeks progress I will do more of the projects that were discussed during my interview.

As of now, the people are very friendly and great to work with, the atmosphere is laid-back and enjoyable, and the job has potential. Although, waking up at 6 am is kicking my 24 year old ass.

I'm hoping to do more with this blog. I want to have a Monday, Wed, Friday segment. Mon- quotes, Wed- funny facebook statuses I come across, and Friday - tips I want to share like beauty. I'm already behind on it this week.. but I will be doing better.

I'm about to call it a night.. but I wanted to leave you with the quote I found this week.

"Die like you live... all of a sudden"