Note to self.

Last night I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies.. it was a tradition that my grandma and I had when I was little.. and it means something special to me every time I make some. But it appears as though I've lost my touch.

I scanned the bag of chocolate chips for the recipe. Got all the ingrediants it listed and put them into a bowl. Whoops. I guess I was supposed to add ingrediants a little at a time. I ended up with a massive both of crap that wouldn't stir.

This called for a professional. So I got out the electric mixer and put it to work. My mom has had this thing for twenty something years.. we usually only use it for bake goods or mashed potatoes. So I smash it into the middle of my butter and clip on the power. The pile of crap was pretty thick because this mixer was going really slowly and it proved hard even for the professional.

About ten minutes in, I smell this godawful burning and I look down to see the electric mixer smoking. Literally smoke was pouring out of this device. I couldn't believe I broke the trust machine. Of course I just look at my mom and tell her that she needed a new one anyway becuase it was getting old, which she does, now.

Note to self: Read all the cooking directions before proceeding.

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