Christmas time :)

Woohooo! I'm finally starting to realize it's Christmas season! My aunt and cousin just arrived in town from Alabama and now we will start all the family activities. Honestly, this is the best part of Christmas because even though I live close to my extended family (now) I don't see them as much as I'd like because of all the jobs and other responsibilities everyone has.

Usually we get together to have dinner or go to movies, bake cookies and gossip about our lives and the people in it. We also get together for Christmas Eve where we play a gift exchange game. I'm not sure what it's called. But we all draw numbers and pick a present or steal one from someone who has already opened one.

Then Christmas day my family exchanges presents. Then we get together with the aunts, uncles, and cousins to have dinner and exchange more presents. Sometimes we get to play a little poker. Maybe a little apple to apple (my fave game).

So those are the Christmas plans!

I also am continuing my job search throughout the season. Just because everyone else is on vacation doesn't mean I have to be. Quite frankly, I've had a year long summer vacation. I'm the kind of person who likes to keep busy so this not having a job thing is torturing me.

I have an interview with a temp agency (not exactly my finest moment) so maybe something will come of that. Also my uncle (hi!) sent me some job listings with the city so I want to get started on applying for those.

I'm also continuing with the chiropractor. And I'm thinking my tail bone is broken. Everyone says that I wouldn't be able to sit if it was.. but I have a really hard time standing up. It's a sharp pain. So I'm going to pursue this and ask if he can x-ray it. If it's not broken it sure is bruised to all hell.

What do you all of you do for Christmas? Spend time with family? Any fun traditions? Please share, I love to hear Christmas traditions.

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eking out said...

I spent all day today in the kitchen preparing holiday food - I love any excuse to prepare rum balls. Good luck with the job search - I know it's not easy!