stupid, stupid car

So my car, which I hate, just decided to break and make me spend 800 bucks on it.

To be fair, I didn't hate my car the whole time I had it. I used to love it. It's a stick and it's sporty. I felt unique since most girls don't know how to manuever a manual car with the ease I have developed after 7 years of driving this particular car. And, let's be honest, some guys don't either.

And then it started going downhill. And, trust me, if I had the funds I would have traded it in as soon as it started acting up. If this car has taught me anything it is that as soon as something goes, the rest goes quickly too.

This car has been in and out of the shop. A couple hundred here and there. And, my parents were kind enough to pay the bills since I was living on my own and paying rent and all that with just a bartender's salary. But that doesn't negate how frustrating it's been to have to get your car towed every few months. I leave the house not knowing whether or not this car will survive the drive. And now that I've decided to move home.. the stupid car decides ring up the biggest bill yet.

As I'm driving to my temp job.. (the one I've had for a whole four days) my car starts smoking so bad I can't even see the street in front of me. I pull over and call my temp agency and tell them the bad news. Well, apparently somebody else called in sick and she wouldn't have it from me too. So I had to somehow find a way there. So I call my mom and ask her to leave work early (luckily that's not a huge deal for her since she has that luxury after working at her current employment for thirty something years). And she arrives and takes me to my job (and I'm 25 minutes late). The lady was nice about it, but I know that I have blown my contacts here. I now just have to get through the job and hope my temp agency will still use me.

So back with my car.. it turns out my mom doesn't have a key to my car so she can't get it towed. So my dad is going to meet the tow guy after he gets off work at midnight to sign for it. Well, he gets there. And he doesn't have a key either. So I race through town and make it to other side in record time and hand the key to the tow guy.

Today I find out the place wants to charge me 1400 for a rusted radiator and to change all the hoses out. So my dad, knowing cars, talks them down to 800. Still, for an out of work girl, that's a big chunk of my savings. But now that I'm home not paying rent.. it's up to me. After talking with my parents they are only making me pay 500 of it, which is huge.

But my dilemma is that I don't even want this car. But I have to repair it because I don't have the money to trade it in. And I don't have the money because I don't have a job. Seriously, it all comes down to having a good job. I can't really do the things I'm supposed to be doing at this age without a job.. and my savings are only depleting.

I'm sick of this economy. But mostly I'm sick of this car.


Kristin said...

Ughhhhh. Been there. I HATE spending money on car repairs!

meg said...

Always liked Tip, but here, it's a struggle to read this pink on gray type. Just sayin'.

BB said...

Meg, thanks for the feedback. I hope the changes are a bit easier on the eyes!