2010 personal goals

Oh what a week, and it's only Wednesday.

Here are some goals I've met so far this year:

-Got a full time job (for at least three months and then it's up to the company to hire me on or extend the contract). I start monday!!!

-Quit smoking (I'm well on my way to being smoke free!)

Here are the goals I would like to meet within the next year:

-Have a permanent full time job (aka start a career)

-Purchase a new car (at this point I am considering buying my dad's car which is two years old and in great condition .. and is the car I want .. a Pontiac g6. Actually he would only have me pick up payments where he left off.. which is the best deal I could find.. and I love love love the car)

-Be completely smoke free. (Right now I smoke about a cigarette every other day).

-Purchase a new laptop. A good laptop.. not just one on sale.

-Purchase a bicycle, and along with that, ride it regularly once the snow is off the ground.

-Start paying back my student loans on a regular basis (right now I'm on an unemployment deferment)

-Save $8,000, which shouldn't be that hard as long as I either keep this 3 month job or find a permanent one shortly after.

-Start taking over all my bills. Right now I have my phone and car insurance that I need to take over, but I will still keep them under my family's plan simply because it is more cost effective.. and pay them whatever I owe. I also need to take over any medical costs I have such as co-pays or prescription cost.

-And hopefully a year from now I will be thinking about what I am going to do along the lines of moving out. I am in no rush because I want to have a steady job, a large amount of savings, and know how much I will have left over after I start paying ALL of my bills.

-Lose thirty pounds

-Go on 3 dates with 3 different people, and give each of them a chance.

-Go to a Frank Warren Post Secret event!!

On another note LET'S GO SAINTS!!!!!!

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