quotes, jobs, and books

Happy New year all! Two years ago, my friend gave me one of the best Christmas gifts I could have possibly recevied. It was a brown leather journal. And in it I wrote various quotes I found from reading books, watching movies, and anything else I see or hear that I find inspirational or significant to me in some way.

I've decided that from now I on I will display a new quote every monday to share with you guys. I hope that you enjoy them as much I've enjoyed collecting them.

In other news I signed up with a temp agency and had to go in for testing. No joke-- I was there for three hours. It's was ridiculous. There were eight tests ranging from word, excel, basic office, to ethics and basic math. I felt like I was taking a computerized ACT. But I ended up doing well. I surprised myself by getting 72 WPM on alpha numerical tests.. since I rarely use the number pad as it's not on my laptop.

One very awkward thing is that I went to high school with the "problem solver".. basically the person who I have to call every week to check in and the person who interviewed me. She was a year older than me in school but we hung out in similar crowds. It was a bit shocking to see her sitting behind that desk and me coming crawling in for a job. A blow to my pride, for sure.

New years was fun. I went back to my old town (by old I mean I left it three weeks ago) and partied with my friends. I wrote about in on my other blog. So click the link on the right side of the page to check it out.

One of my long term goals this year is to read the books I got for Christmas. I received somewhere around 16 books and I've already gotten through a few of them. I'll let you know if I read a really great book. I will say that I've been following Micheal Connelly (sp?) rather closely and I love his books. If you've never heard or read him you should just gander at the books and see if you might like it. They sell for pretty cheap. I've never been into mystery before but it's like reading an episode of NCIS and I just can't get enough. I've also picked up copies of the postsecret books. If you haven't heard of Frank Warren's blog postsecret.com please stop by it.. it's amazing.

That's all for now!


ShellSpann said...

I love quotes! :)

BB said...

me too!! I already have mine ready for next week, lol!