One more reason to hate walmart.. and job news!

The walmart customer service tried to pull a fast one on me, but I wouldn't have it.

As I approached the counter, I could tell by the customer service rep's face, that she wasn't excited to be at work. And when I said hi and she just stared at me, which was another clue.

I was there to return my GPS, which I received as a gift that my mom bought at walmart.com and I had the receipt in hand. All I wanted was the exchange it for a product that worked. Should have been simple.

She, instead, gave me a gift card with the money on it and told me to use this to re-purchase the item if they had it in stock. I knew they had it because my dad asked the day before when he was in the store. So I go back to get my new GPS and it's thirty dollars more.

No way am I paying thirty dollars extra for a product that was purchased and was defective. Just because my mom might have gotten it on sale, does not mean I now have to pay the non-sale price, as the broken unit came broken.

So I go back up and tell her about the situation and she acted like it was the most annoying thing she's ever had to do. She tells me that she doesn't know how to do it. Meanwhile I'm thinking …great, get me someone who does. And finally calls someone over to get HER mistake all figured out, while she silently sends angry eyes in my direction

Sometimes I wonder why people work in customer service if they have no idea how to deliver proper service to customers.

In other news, tomorrow I start my first temporary position. It is 5 hours a day, five days a week and pays pretty nicely for a data entry position. It doesn't start until the afternoon so I will be able to interview for full time jobs during the day, while still making some money to keep up with my bills, it's actually the ideal position.. and I'm excited to start working again!

Although, I never thought I would go through four years of college, just to take a job that I could get with a high school diploma.. it's something.. and that I am happy for!

Look for my quote tomorrow!


ShellSpann said...

Ugh I hate Walmart!!!!!

BB said...

Haha, me too! I've made a vow to never purchase groceries items there again!