Good things are happening

Today was productive and very positive! I feel like 2010 might be my lucky year.. but that might just be my high spirits talking.

There is some bad news that I want to get out of the way.. I had a doc apt today and he thinks I may have cracked my tailbone.. which would account for my abrupt screams that escape when I'm trying to sit down or stand up.. or sneeze or cough. But there isn't much he can do as far as helping.. just same ibprofen type meds and recommendations of sitting on pillows.

The good news is that today I got a blog award!! It was my first ever and I want to thank ShellSpann over at http://michellespann.blogspot.com/ for giving me the award! She is such a sweet girl and writes about her life and being a mom. You should check out her blog! Along with my award I get to write up a list of my top ten favorite things and I will hopefully get to that tomorrow!

On other good news.. I may be starting a two month part time temp position for data entry. It's good money and it's in the later afternoon so I can still interview for full time jobs during the day. It's very convenient .. since I need to make money while still looking for permanent work.

Also I got an extension on my unemployment deferrment for my student loans. Hopefully I will get a good paying job soon so that I can start chipping away at that! But for now it's nice that they will work with me! I also applied for a great job today that I found out about from my aunt. It inspired me to update my resume and I really spiced it up.. I'm hoping this will help me stick out. It's nice that my family looks out for me and tells me about these jobs because I get so drained searching for jobs. Everyday when I see nothing in my inbox I feel a bit rejected. So keep your fingers crossed for me!

I got my two new books in the mail today and I'm happy with my purchase. Lately, I've been buying used books. I enjoy collecting and keeping the books I read. I've always wanted a library room.. and someday I'll have it. In order to keep up with my book addiction I've looked for inexpensive books. I've been really successful in that all of the books I get are in great condition for MUCH less.

I've also decided to quit smoking. It's just something that I need to do. And today I received the new quit-smoking pill. I wonder if anyone has tried it and had any luck with it. I'm hoping it's as great as the doctor made it sound.

In other news.. for Christmas I got a TomTom and I uploaded the upgraded map from the internet and all my maps disappeared. Tomtom customer service is apparently very busy.. so I haven't been able to get it working. I'm going to return it for a new device tomorrow.

That's all from me! Enjoy your night!


ShellSpann said...

I got GPS for Christmas and I love it!! :)

I'm glad things are getting better for you :)

BB said...

Thanks ShellSpann! I'm working on getting the GPS fixed as I type. It's uploading the map and hopefully this time there will be no errors! Thanks for reading and commenting! I think you may be my only reader on this blog, but I'm glad someone likes it!!