first week of work, new segments, and quote

I'm exhausted from my first couple of days at my new job. I'm enjoying it, but I wish that I had a few more responsibilities. I'd say getting started has been a little unorganized. There wasn't any training, it's more like oh you might need to know this, oh and keep this with you...

I think I'll enjoy it more when I know what I'm doing day to day or when the people I'm working for give me more projects to work on.

Basically I am the assistant for four head honchos.. whenever they need something they ask. But right now I've just been doing whatever the other assistant needs me to do until I know enough of the procedures to report right to them.

As much as delivering mail to, organizing files, making copies, and sending emails is interesting.. I hope those aren't my duties for good. I'm hopeful that as the weeks progress I will do more of the projects that were discussed during my interview.

As of now, the people are very friendly and great to work with, the atmosphere is laid-back and enjoyable, and the job has potential. Although, waking up at 6 am is kicking my 24 year old ass.

I'm hoping to do more with this blog. I want to have a Monday, Wed, Friday segment. Mon- quotes, Wed- funny facebook statuses I come across, and Friday - tips I want to share like beauty. I'm already behind on it this week.. but I will be doing better.

I'm about to call it a night.. but I wanted to leave you with the quote I found this week.

"Die like you live... all of a sudden"

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